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Early Years Foundation Stage Information

Our Vison

At Berwick Hills Primary School, we are passionate about inspiring our children and are committed to supporting them in developing their full potential in all areas of learning.

Children develop and learn in different ways and at different rates.

In EYFS, our aim is to expose our children to a broad and balanced curriculum which is fun and exciting, and allows each child to develop and achieve their full potential. We believe that our environment promotes high levels of involvement and wellbeing for all children.

We plan and teach according to the individual needs of our children. We observe children during child-initiated learning, which enables us to assess and create next steps in order to move their learning forward. These assessments and next steps form part of their unique learning journey. We believe that it is crucial to involve parents /carers in their child’s journey right from the beginning. We actively share and support parents/carers in understanding their child’s development, and welcome them into our setting to celebrate this.

Through Key Worker groups, our children are given autonomy to plan, discuss and evaluate their own learning experiences. In Nursery and Reception our children have daily child-initiated learning time to explore their own interests and needs in our continuous provision areas. Within each area, we ensure our children can fulfil each Characteristic of Effective Learning, such as taking risks, maintaining concentration and having a sense of achievement.

Within Reception, we strive to deliver more adult-led activities and whole-class teaching sessions. This prepares our children for their transition to Key Stage One.

Creative Area – In the creative area, our children have opportunities to design, create and refine models using an extensive range of materials. They are encouraged to independently explore, connect, handle and control tools safely.


Maths Area – Through offering a rich variety of resources in our maths area, our children are presented with opportunities to develop fluency in counting, recognising and recording numbers, understanding shapes and measures, and develop skills to problem-solve.


Writing and Mark Making Area – In a well-resourced, accessible writing/mark-making area, our children are able to explore a variety of different media. They are encouraged to interleave skills taught through daily phonics and literacy lessons, in order to support their fine motor control and letter formation.


Once Upon a Time Area – We provide our children with a wealth of traditional, well-known tales. Our Once upon a time area enables children to explore their skills of re-telling, acting out, and familiarising themselves with story structures.


Reading Area – Our under-water reading area is a popular spot for children to dive into a good book. There is a vast range of poetry, rhyme, fiction and non-fiction books for our children to explore. In this area, children are encouraged to develop confidence in speaking and listening and share stories with their peers. Promote a love of reading.


Construction Area – We provide a range of open-ended construction resources to allow our children to make independent choices, and sustain and express their own interests and ideas. The resources enable our children to develop their skills of spatial awareness, hand-eye coordination, fine/gross motor skills, key vocabulary and mathematical concepts


Small World Area – Our Small World area provides children with opportunities for language-rich play, imagination, story-telling and exploring the world around them. As one of our most popular areas, the small world area enables children to develop skills to negotiate, share and cooperate with their peers.  


Domestic Role Play Area – The Domestic Role Play area in our setting is essential for developing our children’s relationships with their peers and enabling them to represent their own experiences. The children are able to relive situations that are familiar to them.


Themed Role Play Area – Our themed role-play areas enable our children to widen their knowledge and understanding of the world around them. They can explore real-life and fantasy scenarios, and have opportunities to experiment with different social situations and emotions with their peers.


Music Area – In the music area, our children can explore a range of instruments and resources that enable them to compose their own sounds, music and performances. 


Technology Area – The technology provided in our setting actively encourages children to explore a particular line of interest and the world around them.


Outside Area – Our outside area features various zones of open learning opportunities. This fuels our children’s creative thinking, problem solving and imagination. Children have access to large-scale resources which supports their ability to develop strength and hand-eye coordination by moving, stacking, lifting and balancing equipment.



Water Area - Our water area has proven very popular with our children due to its open-ended learning opportunities across the curriculum. Our resources are key to enabling children to investigate, problem-solve and develop co-ordination.