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At Berwick Hills Primary School, we are highly ambitious, inclusive and aspirational for all our children and are committed to ensuring they achieve the highest academic standards as well as developing into confident, caring, well rounded citizens who are fully prepared for the next stage of their lives and can go on to fulfil their full potential. We are committed to providing a broad and balanced curriculum underpinned by our curriculum drivers which meets the needs of the children in our school.


Personal Development and Preparation for Life

Running through our curriculum design are opportunities to promote personal development and life skills. We recognise that children need to develop confidence, resilience and the ability to manage feelings and emotions. We are committed to emphasising and enhancing opportunities for children to engage with the arts, sport, technology and activities which promote physical and emotional well-being, broadening children’s experience of culture and developing their spoken language and vocabulary.

High Achievement

Within the full programme of National Curriculum and informed by our context and drivers, we strive for excellence and progression of knowledge, skills and understanding of key learning concepts within individual subjects. The National Curriculum is taught through a mixture of discrete subject teaching and through some linked topics where appropriate. Religious Education is provided in school within the framework of Middlesbrough’s Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education.

Cultural Capital

Offering breadth throughout the curriculum as well as funded opportunities to a wide range of trips, visitors and cultural experiences is key to embodied cultural capital- the background knowledge of the world and associated vocabulary children need for inference and understanding. Staff plan lessons that are exciting and engaging using every opportunity to broaden and apply children’s learning through memorable experiences, visits and visitors into school

Long-term memory

We recognise the importance of ensuring that teaching promotes deep learning and ensures children retain learning in their long-term memory. In order to promote this, we ensure that teachers are aware of children’s prior learning and plan starting points for new learning, which builds on this. We revisit key learning to ensure that it is embedded.  


Children leave Berwick Hills equipped with the skills and the confidence to develop into responsible and caring citizens, who can make positive contribution to society.