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PE and Sports Funding

PE and Sports Funding

Berwick Hills Primary School

Sports/ PE funding

From September 2013, the government have provided additional funding to improve provision of physical education (PE) and sport in primary schools.

At Berwick Hills Primary, we believe that sports and extra-curricular clubs play an important role in promoting social inclusion, healthy lifestyle and self-confidence.

Our aim is to maintain the quality and quantity of sports and after-school clubs, school competitions, as well as to raise opportunities for pupils to try different activities whilst raising participation numbers.  Furthermore through sports and physical activity we aim to develop a greater awareness about dangers such as obesity, smoking and other such activities that can have a detrimental impact upon pupil health and wellbeing.

The Sports Funding Allocation will be used to develop pupils’ lifestyles and physical wellbeing. Our sports opportunities are inclusive and open to all pupils.

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PE and Sports Funding