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Family Services

My name is Paula and I am the Family Services Lead for Berwick Hills Primary School and Helen is the Parent Support Advisor. We work in partnership with families, parents, carers and pupils and have an office in school but you are likely to see us just inside the main entrance every morning and afternoon.

You can ‘Drop-In’ to see either of us for support, we are very approachable and  can give advice with any issues or worries you have in relation to how your child is doing at school or issues outside school that may be affecting school or your family life, alternatively please just feel free just to pop in for a friendly chat and a coffee!

We can provide advice and support or direct you to another service that deal with:

  • Improving behaviour and attendance
  • Children’s health  and wellbeing
  • Parenting advice / parenting classes
  • Behaviour issues and tips for tackling this
  • Homework and learning outside of school
  • Support and signposting to outside agencies
  • Housing / benefits / financial advice & guidance
  • Family learning opportunities
  • Substance misuse
  • Domestic violence / family breakdown and relationship issues
  • School attainment and understanding the curriculum
  • Advice on bullying
  • Counselling for children
  • Transition into secondary school

We offer :-

  • One to one support
  • Support with other agency or school appointments and liaisons
  • In-School meetings
  • Home visits
  • Weekly coffee mornings
  • Telephone and follow up support
  • Group work
  • Assessment

For more information or just to introduce yourself and say “Hello!”, please pop into School reception or telephone us on:  01642 245598

We look forward to meeting you,