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Summer Event Positions

Summer 1 events positions

24th May Y4 Cricket – 7th place

23rd May Y5/6 Cricket – 3rd place

3rd May Y4 Tennis Championship – 12th place

30th April Y3 Tennis Championship – 2nd place

24th April Y3/4 Tag Rugby – 1st place

24th April Y5/6 Tag Rugby – 1st and 2nd place

23rd April Y3/4 Tennis skills festival

19th April KS2 Cross Country – X2 Tees Valley Finalists


Summer 2 events positions

11th July Y5/6 Police Football tournament

4th July Y4/5 Orienteering

3rd July KS2 Bell Boating – 5th & 6th place

29th June KS1 Football festival

25th June Y6 Tees Valley Cross Country – 32nd place

21st June Y5/6 Panathlon Athletics – 1st place

20th June Y5/6 Inclusion Athletics – 1st place

14th June Y5/6 Athletics – 16th place & X2 Tees Valley finalists 

13th June Y1/2 Quad kids Athletics – 6th place

12th June Y3/4 Quad kids Athletics – 16th place